Elders Initiative

Our Mission: To empower Ecologically-Centered Elders who understand the linkages between human experience, culture, and ecosystems, and can communicate such knowledge trans-generationally through mentorship, rites of passage and other types of nature connection experiences.

For elders (50 and over)

Who are dissatisfied with our current societal paradigm in which elder wisdom is swept under the rug and experiences, which foster connection to self, Earth and community are few and far between.

Our workshop is a dynamic two-week immersion program that teaches through experiential learning the general framework for conducting successful rites of passage work with youth, holding meaningful men’s and women’s fires and other nature connection type experiences.

Unlike other workshops that you have to spend money to travel to we bring the workshop into your community if you can generate interest with four or more people.  This is important because what is created from this is a strong elders group in a community that can then incorporate the tools learned and experienced through the workshop into their specific community.  This equipped elders network will then allow for youth to stay in their own communities for rites of passage experiences, which will help to facilitate mentor bonds with the elders that lead the experience.  These bonds can then be built upon indefinitely through mentorship after the experience.

We have assembled a frame work of knowledge based off of the leading research and ideas in the field of systems theory, adult development and nature connection and look forward to sharing these tools with you so that you can help restore, empower and connect your communities to self, Earth and each other.

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