Inner Wild is dedicated to helping individuals of any age cultivate deeper relationships to self, Earth, and community through exposure to and guidance from the natural world.  We serve both individuals and groups through a wide variety of programs which range anywhere from a half day excursion to a month-long retreat.  Our core framework is based on principles found in integral theory, rites of passage, social and environmental justice work, ecopsychology, human and systems development, deep ecology, contemplative practices, leadership development, mentorship, and nature connection.

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11165046_10206501936440643_1756718759153094014_oThere is a wonderful quote from the late Theologian and Ecologist Thomas Berry who stated “the universe is not a collection of objects but a communion of subjects.”  This simple yet profound statement captures the essence of the transformation or collective Rite of Passage our species is being challenged to navigate today.

We are faced with the task of moving from a perspective of separateness and competition in our world into a place of relationship, collaboration, and communion.

Recent research in social psychology by individuals such as Prof. Cindy Frantz from Oberlin College shows us that the best way to cultivate just and ecological behavior in people is through cultivating deep and healthy relationships to self, Earth and community.  These relationships are also referred to as ecocentric relationships a phrase coined by the late great Deep Ecologist and Land Ethics champion Aldo Leopold.

000038The nature-based experiences offered at Inner Wild help to cultivate these ecocentric relationships in individuals which allow access to deeper insight, creativity, grace, and perspective as one navigates the hectic ever-changing waters of modern life.  They offer us the space to reflect, let go, heal, and rise again with a more complete picture of who we are and who we want to become.

Such experiences are deeply embedded in our collective human history and sadly today we live in a culture and a world that has all but forgotten the importance of these types of experiences.  As Malidoma Some points out in his book, Ritual: Power, Healing and Community, where these types of experiences are absent “the young ones are restless or violent, there are no real elders, and the grown-ups are bewildered.  The future is dim”.

It is our goal here at Inner Wild to help revive these ancient practices of connection in order to create a world which fosters ever deepening elationships to self, Earth and community.


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  1. Hello Weston, I love your vision and how well it is articulated here. You and I are on very similar paths; my initiative is named “infinite wild” (infinitewild.org) and has the same emphases. I continue to admire how clearly and simply you describe this approach. May the land and ancestors support your work.

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